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Thy Grief - A Frozen Realm

Thy Grief's demo A Frozen Realm was recorded at Hindu Lyd during a week in august of 1995, with Cato Langnes at the helm.

Ken Larsen wrote the music for the tracks A Frozen Realm and A Cold Winters Mourning, Kim wrote The Cosmic Symphony Of Creation and Kim and Kjetil wrote Da Morket Omfavnet Meg. Roald wrote the lyrics for A Cold Winters Mourning and Christer Korsvold gave some of his own lyrics for them to use on the remaining tracks.

Kim:"I remember that we had to get our act together and record a demo before Roald moved to Sweden to go to school, cause the lineup wasn't much stable, at least that's the way I felt. The band was devided into two camps with Ken and Roald on one side and Kjetil and I on the other. We were determined to write music together, but our way of working weren't that refined since we had only been playing together for 6 months or so, and we lived on the opposite side of town from each others. When we entered the studio we had most of the basics sorted out, but stuff like synths was something we hadn't even tried out at rehearsals. I was a bit weary when we started the recording sessions, but the whole process went great, and we spent a total of 4 days in the studio. The demo sounds really good, and it cost only 5000 nok."

A Frozen Realm tracklist:
1. A Frozen Realm (An Ancient Scripture)
2. The Cosmic Symphony Of Creation
3. A Cold Winters Mourning
4. Da Mørket Omfavnet Meg

Roald Fosse - Vocals
Ken Larsen - Guitar
Kim Anders H. Johannessen - Guitar
Kjetil Monsen - Bass
Erik Hæggernes - Drums (session)


Franang Zine No2. 1997 (France)
"THY GRIEF comes from the 'new' wave of B.M. of Norway and offers us quality music. They mix some fast parts with some others more melodics and these elements keeps the listeners hung from the beginning to end. The fast parts contain a harsh voice and the melodic parts are with more Death-like voice. Some accoustic guitars are adding with a synth choir, you have to listen to the first song 'A Frozen Realm', a really majestic opus. Here is a promising band with a demo which have good sound."

Morpheus No 2. March 1997
"THY GRIEF comes from Norway and 'A Frozen Realm' is, if I am not wrong, their first demo. This work includes four track and of course, being Norwegians, they couldn't be playing anithing else than black metal. But they manage to stand out quite a lot from this pile of the often dull Norwegian acts of this kind, as the composition remind rather of a Swedish band, with the exception a bit of the first track, which reminds of a Norwegian act due to its speed and mainly its roughness. Why am I saying that? Because there's quite a lot of melody through nice guitar riffs and keys, combined with speed and also with slow tempos. Besides, the production gets away from the Norwegian patterns, since it's more powerful. I'd mark out among the four tracks 'Da Morket Omfavnet Meg' (reading it made me sweat!), because of its melody and atmosphere. In all, a very good black metal demo managing to stand at a high level in this particular idiom, as THY GRIEF know how to play black metal very well. Certainly, this demo's ranked among the best of its kind I've listened to lately. "
- Nick Bolianitis




Skyrim - PS3


SE - !Primitive
1. !Primitive
2. Stardust Intoxica
3. Walk Among the Dead
4. Hollow Soul
5. The Machine Brings Pain
6. The Crux of Time
7. Pulse of Extinction
8. Isolation
9. Selfdistruct
10. Scorn the World

SE - The Epitaph
11. Into the Misty Cemetary
12. Bloodsplatter
13. The Stench of Death
14. Decaying Flesh
15. From Dust to Dust
16. Dead Skeletons Rising
17. Funeral Under A Fullmoon
18. Suffer In Silence
19. Impending Doom Awaits
20. The Cursed Soul
21. Buried Alive
22. R.I.P. (Rot In Pieces)

Cryoxium - Delicious Reek
23. Cryogenic Death
24. Prisoners of War
25. Sleep
26. Rising the Dead
27. Delicious Reek of Decomposed Human Bodies
28. Visions
29. Explicit Hatred
30. Consumed Dissipation
31. Intoxicated Escape
32. Epidemic Conspiracy
33. Inferno
34. Total Darkness

Cryoxium - Returning to the Grave
35. They Will Bleed
36. Returning to My Grave
37. Black Winters
38. Demon Exhumation
39. Guided By the Constellations
40. Warrior King
41. Dark Forces of Evil
42. Wraith of the Norse
43. Unholy Demise
44. Broken Sculls

Cryoxium - The Frozen Tomb of Mankind
45. The Frozen Tomb of Mankind
46. Blod P Himmelen
47. Into the Land of Shadows
48. Twilight Shine Upon Majestic Mountains
49. Da Mrket Omfavnet Meg
50. Nocturnal Eyes
51. In Spite of Victory
52. Echoes From A Past Forgotten
53. Sorgens Klr

Cryoxium - Thy Grief
54. A Black Sun Ascending
55. Eidolon of the Wilderness
56. The Horn of War
57. Shadows of the Nightgate
58. A Future In Ice
59. Northern Stronghold
60. The Dark Hemisphere
61. Glacial Hymn
62. In the Valley of the Brave
63. World Havoc
64. Ride the Firestorm

Cryoxium - Cemetary
65. End In Pain
66. Violence Begets Violence
67. Insane In the Brain
68. Greedy Dictator
69. Dead Zombies
70. Underestimate
71. Psycical Delight
72. There Is No God

Cryoxium - Kimanium
73. Kimanium
74. Arc Infinity
75. Cascades Through Space & Time
76. Angry God
77. Consortium Of Free Beings
78. Terra Proxima
79. Kimaddict
80. Instinct

GS1 - Golden Shower
81. Coming Home
82. Flying Away
83. Second Time Around
84. Live Again
85. Ballad of Hope
83. Hey Mister
87. Golden Shower
88. Slaether
89. Nowhere To Go
90. Flaming Children
91. Linga
92. Sanctuary
93. Soul to Keep
94. You Just Don't Give A Damn
95. Don't Tell Me You Know

GS2 - Nudie Bludie
96. Endless Pain
97. Saturday Night Alright
98. Time to Die
99. Nightlife
100. [untitled(ehda)]
101. December Rock
102. Time Mystery
103. We Are Here
104. Cerebral Damage
105. Something From the Past
106. Miro the Cat
107. Raymond
108. Under the Evening Sky
109. Crashin'
110. Fun Times

GS3 - Dimension Exit
111. Fantasy Life
112. Next In Line
113. Cryptic Love
114. The International
115. Dimension Exit
116. The Passion of a Madman
117. Firepower 9000
118. Tonight Is Right
119. Stupid Jerk
120. What You're Doing To Me
121. Yes, It's True
122. Foundation Missing
123. Rock 'n Roll Heaven
124. I Was Dead
125. Chaos In Order
126. Sci-Fi Love
127. The Mystery Still Illudes Me

GS4 - TDM/SE/Misc
128. Hit Ten
129. Spitfire
130. Silent Freak
131. [untitled2]
132. In Too Deep
133. It Is of Blood
134. Survivor no 666
135. The Ride Through Infinity
136. The Evil Bitch With Voodoo Powers
137. [untitled(no2)]
138. Ultimate Sinner
139. Scorpion
140. Death Systems
141. A Black Heart of Gold
143. Past the Point of No Return

144. C'est Un Velo Incoyable
145. [TDM-pop/rock]
146. Window of Opportunity
147. A Positive Lock
148. Arrival At Center System
149. Shimmery Light
150. Trail of Stars/Safe Haven
151. Ground Zero
152. Lost In Time/It's Medicine
153. Fixed
154. A Myriad of Worlds
155. Medical Wonder
156. Boys & Girls

157. In Your Face
158. [untitled]
159. Three Down One to Go
160. [untitled]
161. [untitled]
162. [untitled]
163. [untitled]
164. [untitled]
165. [untitled]
166. [untitled]
167. [untitled]
168. [untitled]

Thy Grief - Levitation
169. Levitation
170. Cosmogenesis
171. [untitled]
172. [untitled]


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